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"Life does not live behind us nor, in front of us. Life lives in the present moments of our lives(And sometimes life is messy...). Yet, it is in these moments of our lives, that we experience the invitation for Growth. With each moment we experience and live, we are.....{Becoming}."

Professional Coaching with Marcus

Meet Marcus

Certified Health& Wellness Life Coach

Ayurveda Wellness Counselor

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Peace and Blessings to You. Thank you for taking the time to visit (I am Becoming) -Momentum Coaching and Consulting. It is in the moments of our lives that we experience the presence and gift of Life. Our lived moments before have prepared us and this moment will prepare us for the next. {This} moment we share together; the next one is not promised. Yet it is such a gift because we have never experienced it before. Our Happiness, our Peace, our Balance and our Well-Being are possible in this moment. Life truly is lived moment by moment. As your Coach and partner, I look forward to walking these steps of your Well-Being, together. #Appreciate_the_gift_of_the_Moments #Be_Well


What I Specialize In

Living Mindfully with Meaning, Purpose and Resilience

Establish Eating Habits- Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Life Transitions; Finding Meaning and Purpose in your Life  

Set Health Goals- Experience what it means to Thrive in your Life

Ayurveda Counseling- Personalized Nutrition Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"It is such a Gift to be listened to and heard. Thank you Marcus"

    Healing, Calming Presence

     Marcus embodies Sacred listening.

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